The Paintings of Paul Booth

Paul Booth is an American tattoo artist, sculptor, painter, filmmaker and musician living in New York City. He is best known for his use of black and grey ink tattoo work depicting dark surrealism styled pieces.

Booth is known for his use of black and grey ink tattoo work depicting dark surrealism styled pieces. He has gained a cult-like following around the world and has had such celebrity clientele which include members of many rock bands such as SlipknotMudvayneSlayerPanteraSoulfly, and Sepultura.

Booth’s artistic passion started when he was just a child. Completely self-taught, he always found comfort in painting darker and more monstrous subject matter. Through his own experimentation and personal growth, Booth has developed a technical style of his own. His utilization of a multi-layer approach, similar to that of the early Flemish painters, allows him to achieve a level of depth and texture that results in a visually stunning, realistic painting. Booth can be best described as a dark surrealist and has exhibited both domestically and internationally.

Booth is perhaps best known for his impact as a tattoo artist. When he got his first tattoo, his daughter’s name, his interest was piqued and he wanted to learn more about what there was to the medium. Booth took the world of tattooing by storm with his formidable use of black and grey ink to depict demons, beasts, evil fetuses and other nightmare-worthy visuals. It wasn’t long until a cult following developed and swelled belly to include heavy metal rockers, actors, musicians and other purveyors of the dark aesthetic. Booth’s signature imagery graces the skin of many celebrities including Gregg AllmanThe Undertaker, members of SlayerSlipknotPanteraLamb of God and many more. This following, along with his quintessential imagery has led Rolling Stone Magazine to dub Booth as “The New King of Rock Tattoos.”

In addition to introducing the darker side of art to tattooing, Booth has worked exceptionally hard to change the way the public views tattoo art. His strong efforts have and continue to elevate tattooing into the realm of fine art. Booth looks to skin as he does canvas, inks as paints, and utilizes the same approach and technique in all of his artwork. Through his unique artistic talent and ambitions for his industry, Booth has been recognized and inducted by the National Arts Club – the oldest and one of the most respected art institutions in the United States. He is the first tattoo artist to receive this honor.[2]

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